branduals is a cloud platform for smart brand and visual identity management


branduals is developed by DTP Tools, and currently runs in a preview mode. For demo or pricing, please contact us.

Consistency and compliance

Consistent brand representation relies on smart distribution of the assets. Correct source files right next to the correct use description ensure consistent application of visual identity.

You are in control

Set permissions for every part of the online guide, view asset access logs, control and approve user access requests.

Develop your brand

Comprehensive set of tools to make designers and brand managers life easier. Instead of repetitive sending of assets to partners, your hands are free for brand improvement and development. Each task only needs to be done once.

Quality standards you can enforce

Keeping brand templates and guidelines on one place helps to keep visual identity consistent. Service providers agree to terms of use before accessing your data and can be held responsible for inconsistencies.

Empower your marketing team

Instead of sending out the same e-mail with attachments you control access rights of different partner groups. This takes a fraction of time and allows you to work on your brand growth and improvement.

Re-use and enhance

Branduals make it easy to add designs created according to visual identity standards to the guide, making it easy to re-use and enhance them in the future and keeping you aware of which designs and approaches were already used. Re-use instead of re-create the same assets.

Reliable service around the world

We have chosen our provider carefully and Branduals rely on the power of Microsoft Windows Azure. This makes our service fast and reliable for users anywhere in the world.

Your images are part of your image

Your corporate photos are a powerful tool to convey your message. And they deserve to be stored and presented in a professional image bank. Sort and distribute your photos quickly and professionally.